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I am a Literatures in English major. This means I am going to analyse your story for what works, what doesn’t and why. I am going to analyse your characterization, your plot, your world-building and your use of language. I am going to analyse your work for impression, effect, impact and value.

The tone of my review will range from neutral objectivity to passionately gushing – whether this is in favour of your writing or against it depends entirely on your writing. I’ll be kind but I won’t dole out any undeserving compliments. I won’t throw punches but I won’t make stuff up either.

This is because I wish to leave both authors and readers with constructive feedback and qualitative food-for-thought. Whatever my thoughts on a work, I will share them in a manner that is fair and clear, well-thought out and in-depth, and hopefully insightful as well. I will do my best with this.

You are here because you want my thoughts, either on a work you have written or one you are considering reading. Thank you for being here and for choosing me to be the one that provides you with a quality review of your work or that helps you make your decision on your next great read.



I will be very selective in books I agree to read. I teach young children and I have my own brand to build as an author so my time is very limited and that much more precious. The best way to avoid wasting it, is to read this section very carefully.

  • I am NOT currently accepting any traditionally-published works for review on this site. A first I know, but there are far too many closed doors in the faces of my self-published peers for me to elect to be just another open door for those who have already arrived.

I would rather be the first review on an unknown or newly-released self-published title than the seven thousand, three hundred and forty-sixth review for an already well-known, well-established, traditionally-published author. I offer my review service to those who require it the most.


  • I will be releasing ONE review a month. This covers time to read the book and also to write the review. After the first 3 submissions I will be closed until they have been reviewed in THREE months’ time. Then I will reopen for the next three submissions once again.


  • I will NOT be reviewing any faith-based fiction unless the religion in question is Pagan in nature. I will also not be reviewing any non-fiction, non-prose literature, romance or erotica, or Middle Grade/Children’s books. No horror, urban fantasy or paranormal romance either.


  • The book must be the first in its series. An accepted review request to read a single book should not suddenly become a request to read the first four in its series as well. This would completely throw off my schedule if I allow it, and therefore I cannot allow it.


  • Email me at knickyla(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject line Book Review Request – The title of the book. Feel free to attach the book to the email the same time, that I may sample your work. Address it to Knicky Laurel, and kindly include the following information:


Author name

The title of the book

A hi-res image of the book cover

The synopsis

The length (page count if a physical copy, word count if digital)

The release date

Available format (for review and purchase)

Author bio

Author photo

Social media links for the author: (Facebook, Twitter, Website / Blog, Amazon and Goodreads author pages)

Purchase links for the book: (Amazon sale page, etc.)



The review will include the above information, the first line of the book, my favourite line from the book, a full review of your work, an orb rating and the links to other top reviews of the same work (3 max.).


All book reviews will be posted on Amazon, Goodreads and this website’s review page, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Those with a 5-star rating will be featured exclusively on Gaetwaigh Reviews, a weekly review promotional I plan to run on my Facebook author’s page, Knicky Laurel at some point in time.


GENRES: Faerie tales ONLY. Rich, whimsical stories filled with marvels and touched by something dark and strange. Stories that read like dreams in which I am lost and from which I never wish to awaken.


FORMAT: I accept PDFs and .mobi formats, as well as physical copies and ARCs. I do not accept word documents or .ePub formats at this time.


RATINGS: (Please note, I will not post ratings less than 3 orbs)

5 orbs – Out of this world (It blew my mind)     orb orb orb orb orb

4 orbs – Shipshape (I enjoyed the journey)        orb orb orb orb

3 orbs – Storms Brewin’ (We ain’t sunk yet)     orb orb orb

2 orbs – Mutiny (I lost an eye!)                          orb orb

1 orb – Absolute Zero (Adrift in deep space)     orb


Your work will be critiqued on the following categories: Book Cover, Plot, Pacing, Predictability, World-building, Characterization, Dialogue, Favourite Line, Writing style and Impact. Each category will earn its own orb rating which will influence the overall orb rating for the work once averaged.


As a self-published author who is super-protective of her own work, it goes without saying that I will not be showing, sharing or selling your work or private information to anyone … But I say it anyway.

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