Fall From Grace

REVIEW BY KNICKY LAUREL   Author name: J. Edward Ritchie Book Title: Fall From Grace The Synopsis: Heaven: a paradise of all that is pure in Creation. Led by brothers Michael and Satanail, the Angelic Host is a testament to cosmic harmony and love. But when an unprecedented revelation threatens to uproot their peace, a…Read more »

Hope and Smoke

‘HOPE AND SMOKE’ ‘I need to know, Before we fold under hope and smoke At this time, Tomorrow we’ll go’ – Hope and Smoke, Kiven Artwork: ‘Hope’ by Donato Giancola She clutches the remains of the book in her arms, the edges of its leaves curled from the fire. They still glowed. The heat she…Read more »

The Big Idea: Kate Forsyth

Originally posted on Whatever:   Fairy tales have the power to amaze and entrance, not only for the fantastical elements they carry, but for what of ourselves we can see within them. Author Kate Forsyth has an attachment a particular fairy tale, as the title of her non-fiction book The Rebirth of Rapunzel suggests, and it’s an…Read more »